A South African based company that operates nationally and internationally. The landscape architect is a graduate from the University of Pretoria: School of Landscape Architecture and is registered with the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession (SACLAP).


Red Landscape Architects strive to innovate by creating new, young, exciting, cost effective and fresh ideas.  This is attained by the combination of diversified skills and imagination in the company, supporting our holistic design philosophy. 


Red Landscape Architects gives you “out-of-the–box” thinking yet maintaining a high standard of ethics and technical quality. At Red Landscape Architects, our designs strive to synthesize complex social issues with environmentally sound practice and a strong aesthetic focus.


Red Landscape Architects go beyond each site's technical requirements to search for a unique sense of identity and harmony to establish the sustainability of a landscape.

1.3. WHAT WE DO:

Red Landscape Architects undertakes innovative and exciting planning on a large scale, for example residential and commercial estates, open space systems, sport facilities, golf courses, beach and recreational facilities, tourist developments, urban design projects, general land use planning, ecological planning, community parks and open space systems.

Red Landscape Architects will be responsible for the design and planning of internal and external open spaces such as streets, squares, public parks and outdoor and indoor landscaped gardens. We design for both private and public clients and work in both natural and urban environments.


Red Landscape Architects evaluate the natural characteristics of a site. Our environmental expertise is unique among design consultants. It enables us to plan a site and make the most of its natural resources. Training in urban design enables us to undertake open space and land use planning projects.

Red Landscape Architects produces new, young, exciting, cost effective design proposals in a variety of ways, including Master Plans, Sketch Plans, reports, guidelines, and perspective drawings. This is presented to our client for approval and is usually accompanied by an initial cost estimate for the work.


On approval of the design, Red Landscape Architects produce contract documentation to direct the installation of the proposed works. This includes working drawings such as layout, grading and planting plans as well as details, specifications, bills of quantities and a tender document.


On receipt of the completed tenders, Red Landscape Architects will evaluate the tenders and makes a recommendation to the client in terms of appointing a contractor to undertake the landscape implementation.

Finally, Red Landscape Architects will monitor the implementation of the works by carrying out site inspections and instructs the contractor on behalf of the client as required. The certification of payments to the contractor forms part of the work.


Red Landscape Architects will design your total scheme to ensure that the criteria as established in our design ideas and client briefings is managed and executed as envisage in our master plan. We will ensure the space to be a working system catering for human and ecological needs. Red Landscape Architects also avoid ad-hoc design decisions with our purposely driven design ideas.

Red Landscape Architects develop innovative design solutions to suite the budget of our clients. We prepare estimates of what proposals will cost and ensure that they are implemented cost-effectively, by calling for competitive tenders from reputable contractors. The preparation of detailed documentation helps to avoid unforeseen expenses during installation.


Red Landscape Architects takes responsibility for the successful completion of landscape works, urban works, and environmental projects